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For Farmer Sake

Mountain Harvest exists to improve quality of life for those who produce the excellent coffees you experience from us – from our producers, to our staff members, to the coffee educators of tomorrow. To do this well, we must challenge the status quo of how the coffee business operates within Uganda and beyond. We partner with the best of the best farmers, coffee professionals, roaster partners, and organizations to demonstrate to others that quality coffee can bring quality impact in the communities around Uganda’s highest peaks.


Established in 2017, Mountain Harvest is a Ugandan coffee company for Ugandans by Ugandans. Cultivating a culture of excellence, Mountain Harvest consists of a dedicated team of coffee professionals that rigorously seeks the highest quality coffees for our roasting partners. We come alongside farmers to teach the best practices. Everyone in our supply chain, from producer to roasting partner, deserves the best from Mountain Harvest so that we can have the impact we desire.

Who makes up the Mountain Harvest team? Quality controllers, agronomists, certification managers, coffee buyers, processing technicians, milling staff, and so much more – all dedicated to helping farming families improve the quality of their coffees and the quality of their lives.

To ensure a legacy of excellence amid Ugandan coffee professionals, Mountain Harvest dedicates itself to coffee education for Ugandans in the field and in the workforce. Currently, we organize yearly quality assurance, processing, and agronomy internships to teach young professionals. We also host academic research at our headquarters alongside universities in the United States, Canada, Colombia, and Uganda. With a state-of-the-art quality lab in Uganda, our analytical services are available to those producers trying to better understand their coffee quality. For those interested in such services and opportunities, please contact us.


Uganda’s coffee is excellent because it is a full expression of the people’s hard work. What Mountain Harvest finds over and over again are people with potential to express an abundance of excellence through their coffee and farm without access to a reliable market in which to sell their coffee. Without a reliable supply chain, these farmers cannot invest in their land, are not motivated to establish healthy ecosystems for their crop health, and younger generations abandon farming altogether because they do not see its potential. Still, coffee is the main source of income for most farmers in our supply chain, and poverty is persistent.

Through Mountain Harvest, the 850+ farmers we work with have a stable buyer who pays 10-30% above local market prices. By earning fair and consistent prices, farmers are better able to provide for their families, invest in their crops and land, and ultimately, drive the local economy to benefit the entire community. We’re also helping our farmers to diversify their incomes by introducing new inputs such as organic fertilizers and facilitating access to markets for additional crops like Hass avocados, macadamia nuts, and honey — which also provide excellent shade for their coffee trees and pollination for their crops, bringing the benefits full circle.

Once farmers have a sustainable business via their farms, coffee at each step of the supply chain will become more viable as a whole. At Mountain Harvest, our goal is to teach farmers how to have sustainable business year-round by investing in their farm to reach its full potential. 


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