Our vision is bold, and so is our approach ​


Quality Coffee, Quality Impact – one cannot occur without the other if we take a holistic approach to coffee sustainability as a business, ecosystem, and farmer livelihood. We all need each other to succeed if we are to have a sustainable value chain. At Mountain Harvest, we believe our role is to fight for farmer’s seat at the table and ensure that we are building a sustainable, profitable, and equitable business as a producer and exporter for their sake.

We care about the future of the coffee industry, the sustainability of value chain, the resiliency of smallholder farmers’ livelihoods, and the health of our ecosystems. Therefore, our key focus and indicator of success will always be the prosperity of the smallholder farmer without which the coffee industry is not sustainable.

The majority of coffee farmers in Uganda cultivate diversified crops; but lack of land, minimal use of inputs, and limited access to finance cause most farmers to earn just above the poverty line.

Mountain Harvest’s response is as innovative as the problems are unique. We provide blended services by addressing issues in three key areas via programming: 1. agronomy training (focusing on regenerative agriculture practices), 2. income diversification (introduction of new cash crops), and 3. microfinance (financial literacy and access to appropriate credit facilities). We pair these services with quality-based infrastructures and trainings for farmers to meet our high standards to ensure access to a loyal, responsible, and stable market via our year to year buyers.

Wherever you find yourself in this value chain, we challenge you to consider how you too can place the smallholder farmer at the epicenter of our found solutions towards a more sustainable future. Without them, we cannot thrive in this coffee industry.

In all, our true wealth is in our communities. We are all called to build a brighter future for this community we call the coffee supply chain. We welcome you into this community to build a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative future for us all.

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