Revealing Uganda’s exceptional coffee​


If you have never experienced the beauty of Uganda, you may not understand why we are called “The Pearl of Africa.” Uganda is home to colorful scenery, endangered species like the magnificent Mountain Gorilla, the Golden Monkey, and soaring Albertine birds. The terrain offers waterfalls and streams, such as the source of the Nile, active and dormant volcanoes, and bamboo forests – all without being too cold or too hot. Within Uganda, Mountain Harvest has the pleasure of experiencing the ecological beauty and diversity of each mountain range – from Mount Elgon in the East to the Rwenzoris in the West and the Virungas in the Southwest. But more than this, Mountain Harvest builds strong relationships thanks to one of the main reasons we are called “The Pearl” – our kind, friendly, and welcoming people.

Mountain Harvest began its work on the slopes of Mount Elgon in 2017. Until recently, the region has been an untapped origin for coffee. Its high elevation combined with Kenyan cultivars and fertile soils are opening up entirely new possibilities for Uganda’s place in the specialty coffee industry. Over the past five years, we have taken lessons from our time on Mount Elgon to establish relationships and operations in the Rwenzori and Viruguna Mountain Ranges.

With each producer group we come across, it became more and more evident that there is potential for securing quality across Uganda – and we are committed to doing so. Through agronomy training, access to finances outside of the coffee season, and a reliable market, farmers are experiencing more stability year by year. Securing these relationships for the sake of realizing small-holder farmers’ potential is essential for their families’ long-term success.

Mountain Harvest is empowering farmer communities by elevating their coffee to the highest of standards furthering our vision of quality coffee for quality impact.

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